One of my favorite sources of inspiration to this day is a childhood image that my dad made of me. The portrait was made in the small attic of the cottage at sunset. Only half of my face was illuminated by the light of the setting sun, giving him a sense of timelessness and warmth. That’s why I like to use natural light in my work.

I’m falling in love with old family albums, where different ages come to life again and again. It’s interesting to look at how many people have so many visions, so many tiny snippets.

I love challenges and research the new one, the one that makes us a little different.

The process of remembering is the one that most moves my imagination, how can we remember and how over time?

I am based in Hungary, but I like to travel anywhere in the world where your love story leads.

I love to know the world, getting to know cultures, tastes, and art history has been a huge influence on me since in my young ages.

“ I believe in deep emotions, in the barely visible little shakes.“